VOIP Phone Systems

As technology has moved forward, many phone systems have not kept up. New high-tech, low-cost phone system now have features that just a few years ago only the largest corporations could afford.

Our equipment vendors are:

Polycom Soundpoint

Polycom makes the best quality non-proprietary IP phones in the world.  When purchasing Polycom desk phones, you can be assured they will work with nearly every modern phone system. They also have the most complete product line, from inexpensive 2-line phones up through color HD voice phones with expansion modules.


Elastix is a premiere business-grade implemenation of the widely used Asterix phone system.





Digium is the original manufacturer of PC standard-bus telecommuncations boards.  They produce the gold standard for high-quality digital voice connections to the public telephone network.





Grandstream manufactures a broad line of telecom products.  We use their gateway products to connect your existing phone and fax to a new VOIP system.



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