Customer Success Stories

Metro Network

Over the Winter of 2011, Borchart Consulting redesigned the network for an auto-shop company with five locations.  The company was previously using a T1-based MPLS network costing over $5000/month for 1.5Mbps of bandwidth.   Borchart Consulting designed and implemented a broadband-based system costing $1000/month for 10Mbps.  This was done using the routers already in place onsite, so the company had $0 of new capital.

Cloud Backup

In the fall of 2011, Borchart Consulting migrated a single-server customer from a Cloud backup solution that cost $100/month, had a data cap of 100GB and 30 days of retention to a much better solution with a 250GB cap, long term retention and a $75/month price.

Sprinkler Disaster

In the Winter of 2012, one of our customers had a major failure in the sprinker system, destroying nearly everything in their office.   Borchart Consulting was able to re-route phones, set up a temporary location with an instant VPN, and recover every byte of data on damaged computers.   The customer was able to rebuild and move back into the same space in 2 months.